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The Ruderman Family Foundation maintains offices in both Boston and Israel. The Foundation is headed by Jay Ruderman, the Foundation’s President; Shira Ruderman is the Israel Director and Sharon Shapiro, Jay’s sister, is a Trustee and Director of the Boston office. The Foundation has a Board of Trustees who meet quarterly to approve the Foundation’s partnerships and grants. —Open Positions HERE

The Foundation’s staff includes:

Jay Ruderman, President

Shira Ruderman, Director

Sharon Shapiro, Trustee & Community Liason

Dvir Assouline, Advocacy & Media Relations Manager

Lisa Guinard, Business Manager

Kristina Kopić, Advocacy Content Specialist

Galia Granot, Program Officer (Israel)

Josh Malada, Network Coordinator (Israel)

Limor Rubin, Program Officer (Israel)

Yehuda Ozalvo, Program Associate (Israel)

Sarit Mimran, Office Manager (Israel)

Jasmine Gothelf, Program Officer

Meir Zimmerman, Network Coordinator

Miriam Heyman, Program Officer