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JewishCare Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring Program

JewishCare Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring Program logo2014 Ruderman Prize in Inclusion Winner

Name: JewishCare Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring Program
Location: Sydney, Australia

Program Description:  JewishCare’s Big Brother Big Sister Program is a mentoring program for Jewish children through to young people who may be facing challenges and adversity in their lives. The program provides them with the opportunity to thrive in life through the ongoing support and friendship of a big brother or big sister mentor. Through the positive support of a mentor, a young person may experience increased self esteem, reduced feelings of isolation and improved relationships with others.

JewishCare has developed strong links with local schools, synagogues and community groups to raise awareness about issues facing young people with a disability, and about the importance of their inclusion into mainstream services. JewishCare seeks to continually provide meaningful roles and opportunities for people with a disability to feel empowered and important in our community.

JewishCare believes that all people irrespective of their (dis)ability, would benefit from having a positive role model in their lives. It provides extra resources to its Youth Services Program to ensure that each child with a disability referred to the program, has the opportunity to participate.

“Receiving this award confirms our team’s firm belief that all children have the potential to be positively influenced by the consistent and stable presence of a positive role model. Living with a disability should never exclude a person from the privilege.” – Mimi Zilka, Manager Youth Services


Hannah  Kaitlyn

Little Sister Kaitlyn with her wonderful Big Sister, Hannah at an art workshop. Kaitlyn and Hannah have been linked for over one and a half years.

Claire Vernon“Receiving an International Award for our work is a stunning achievement for JewishCare.  By recognising our passion and commitment for including people with disabilities in our programs the Award provides huge encouragement to continue our groundbreaking work”. – Claire Vernon, CEO JewishCare